Honor Roll 2015

2015 World Show Results
Cassidy Vincent & Jac's Pipedream

Pre-World Results
Walk/Trot Trail - 4/1st
Walk/Trot Poles - 4/1st
Walk/Trot Barrels - 4/2nd
Walk/Trot Horsemanship - 2/1st, 2/2nd
Walk/Trot Showmanship - 2/2nd, 1/3rd, 1/4th
Walk/Trot English Pleasure - 3/2nd, 1/3rd
Walk/Trot Western Pleasure - 4/3rd

World Results
Walk/Trot Trail - Res. World Champion
Walk/Trot Poles - World Champion
Walk/Trot Barrels - 4th Place
Walk/Trot Horsemanship - 6th Place
Walk/Trot Showmanship - 6th Place
Walk/Trot English Pleasure - 6th Place
Walk/Trot Western Pleasure - Top 10
Walk/Trot English Equitation - World Champion

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